I’m back…tentatively

Tumblr was bumming me out, you guys. I was getting to be like those people who spend all of their time on Reddit and end up just super angry and depressed about everything. My anxiety has been really bad this year and the “news feed” culture of Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook was just triggering me left and right —- oh look, a picture of a kitten, oh look, a picture/story about something that terrifies me and sends me into hysterics!

But I’ve been going to therapy regularly and learning how to control my thoughts a little better, life in general is pretty pleasant and I find it very difficult to be totally depressed when the weather starts cooling down and Fall approaches. I think the opposite is true for a lot of people, but for me, this is my happy time.

So I eased myself back into Facebook and now I’ll ease back into Tumblr. Wish me luck!

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Thank You Hater!

Isabel Fay and Tom Hopgood join forces to thank the wonderful trolls that ask, nay, demand, that we die. Musical style. And with a masturbating monkey.

H/T: The Next Web.

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Pretty sure anyaradically and I got the last two spots in NYC’s color run. Win. 

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Guinea pig disguised as a baked potato

I can’t even.
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The World as We Know It Is About to End, According to Really Frightened Scientists

A new study by 22 biologists and ecologists has found that environmental changes on our planet are reaching a point of no return that leads to mass extinctions and harms human welfare. The situation, said one scientist, “scares the hell out of me.” That would be James H. Brown, one of the authors of alarming paper published by Nature, talking to New York Times Green blogger Justin Gillis. Brown is not one of your everyday cranks predicting raptures and the end of days. He is a macroecologist at the University of New Mexico.
Read more at The Atlantic Wire. [Image: Reuters]

This makes me so angry. This report and these scientists are saying we are APPROACHING a tipping point, and that we need to enact new policies to AVOID it. The guy in the video doesn’t seem that frightened - he seems to think we need to “mobilize and do the right thing.” That assumes change is possible. He also notes that the Earth has gone through changes like this before. Things evolve, things change, we are making it happen faster but it would happen anyway.
Painting it like this is so irresponsible, I am so sick of seeing media outlets use fear mongering tactics. Sucking the hope out of people is not going to make them want to read your magazine.
YES we need to do some things to change the way we treat our planet. But if the report doesn’t say IT’S TOO LATE, why report it as if it does?
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I was a big Mr. Rogers fan when I was a kid. I once wrote him a letter asking him to come to my birthday party and received a reply saying that he was very busy filming the show but that he wished me a happy birthday. 

Anyway, my mom told me that apparently I loved this song Mr. Rogers would sing about the difference between boys and girls (song starts at 4:00). She said that I went around singing it in public and embarrassing her because I would sing “Boys are fancy on the outside, girls are fancy on the inside.” 

Even though those aren’t the exact lyrics, I think the four year old me was pretty spot on in assessing the difference between male and female genitals. 

What does it say about me and the type of media I consume that I kept feeling like I should be offended by this in some kind of way and when it wasn’t truly offensive I just got confused? Fancy.

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I wish I had the courage not to fight and doubt everything… I wish, just once, I could say, ‘This. This is good enough. Just because I choose it.’

Chuck Palahniuk - Choke (via selfinspiration)

I think it’s time to re-read this book.

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